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    DVD Data Backup Error
    I've been having trouble backing up data onto DVD. The backup process either failed during copying data or during verifying. It will take many fail attempts (up to 4 times) to get a successful DVD data backup.

    The drive is a LaCie d2 dual interface (USB2, firewire 400) Mac DVD writer hook up to a G3 iMac running OS9, backing up data from a pc file server. The disc I use is DVD-R.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What brand of media are you using?
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    I tried TDK and some generic brands. They all have the same problem. I used the same disks to burn movies and the turn out fine. Do you think the media would make a difference? If yes, what brand of media have you tried that would work well?

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    What is the error you are getting when the burning stops? The iMac G3 is a rather old machine and maybe you are getting buffer under runs. Are any other applications running when you are trying to burn? What speed you burning at? How is the drive hooked to the iMac? USB? Firewire? What CPU speed is the G3?

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    i definately think you are getting buffer underruns especially if you are burning files from your server via your g3
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    It's either freezed during burning or during the verification stage. The funny thing is that when it failed during the verification stage, the disc is only partially burned (You can tell by looking at the back of the disk.

    It was hooked up via Firewire 400 interface. The buffer under-run protection was turned on. We tried 4X and 8X and actually, 8X tend to have better chance of complete the burn. The CPU speed shouldn't make too much difference since these tasks are not processor intensive applications.

    I also tried it on Dual G4 station. I tend to have problem during recording. It recorded without error, but failed during verification too. However, unlike the iMac G3, when burning it on the Dual G4, the disc seem to burn complete but with unreadable bad sector during verification.

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