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    Share speakers between PowerMac and Xbox 360?
    Hello, I want to share my nice speakers between my Xbox 360 and PowerMac G5.

    This is what I have:

    So I want to be able to use the speakers for the Mac when on it, then the Xbox 360 when I play it. Any ideas?

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    Can you do this? If so, that's awesome!

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    The easiest way is to get an A/V switch, assuming you're just using analog output (minijack or stereo red/white RCA cables). It's just a simple little box that you can use to swap between inputs. You can pick up a basic 2-port model at Radio Shack for $15:

    They also have a 4-port model that you might want to pick up for future expansion - iPod, CD player, whatever. Costs an extra $5:

    Looks like there's an automatic 6-port model for $20:

    Take your pick
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