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    Question Upgrading components
    My lil sis has a G3 which she is using for multimedia, dv editing, animation etc. At the moment she is complaining that her mac is almost grinding to a halt under the extensive rendering etc.
    Currently she has 384 mbs of ram and her graphics card is only a geforce4 mx.
    Would i be right in saying that the first thing to be upgraded is memory and graphics card!? I have spoken to a lot of mac users who have at least a GB of ram.

    I know it seems a silly question but im a pc user and assume mac and pc are both the same 'under the bonnet' I have suggested that she upgrade her graphics card, but what do think is the best choice for her?
    I have been looking and in her price range have so far seen GeForce FX5600XT 256MB DDR AGP DVI VO and CONNECT 3D RADEON 9600 256MB DDR DVI+TV.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If she already has GeForce4MX, that's fine. For image rendering what you need most is processor power. Take a look at Processor upgrades, from Sonnet for instance. They have a variety of upgrades, and I think you can upgrade the G3 to a G4. Or, worse cast, at least upgrade to a higher G3. The graphics card she has is fine, a little more RAM will help, but the Processor is the best bet!

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    Oh, and for another "speed boost", you can also install an ATA133 controller (PCI) for faster hard drives!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipmedia
    Oh, and for another "speed boost", you can also install an ATA133 controller (PCI) for faster hard drives!!!!!
    I couldn't agree with this more, as far as image rendering goes...gotta have the faster drives in there. I'm still new to Macs myself, but I know you can't beat those 15K SCSI drives in a PC! schweet!

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