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rda 06-18-2006 11:05 AM

External HD issue
I use Macs and PC's but decided to dump Windows for good so bought a new 20" iMac with Intel Dul core. I have 3 external USB hard drives on my Windows XP PC, formatted for NTFS. When I attached them to the iMac, all heck broke loose. I don't have any rights or permissions, they are "read" only. I was able to reformat one using OSX Disk Utility and now it's a Mac drive. Bu the other two...forget about it. Apple Disk Utility blows up when I try to erase them. Just locks up. I'm stumped.

1. Why is Disk Utility blowing up?
2. Is there a better utility I can use to get these drives reformatted for the iMac?
3. Is there a way to change permissions for these drives so I can a least erase data on them?


D3v1L80Y 06-18-2006 11:45 AM

OS X can only read NTFS.
If you want to read/write to it, then you have to reformat the drive to FAT32.
There are several threads on this forum that deal with this issue, so feel free to search around if you have any further questions!
good luck!

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