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    Keyboard issues...
    I have a very weird problem. I'm working on a G5 at work and I notice that after I come back from a long weekend, the keyboard isn't working properly. By that I mean that the left, center, and right arrow keys won't work in addition to the 1, 2, 3, 0, ., and enter keys on the numpad. They worked the Friday before I left and now they don't work on the Tuesday of my return. I was wondering if anyone had ever had a problem like this before.

    I'm thinking that those keys are all on the same "row" on the internal hardware of the keyboard (that's just a guess but it makes sense to me since they're all physically in the same row). I wonder if that "internal row" (for lack of a better term) somehow became damaged or disconnected and thus is not properly sending signals.

    All the other keys work fine. I've tried restarting the computer to no avail but I really have no other idea on what to do, so I would greatly appreciate some helpful suggestions. Thanks.

    Edit: By the way, this is the standard Mac pack-in keyboard with numpad.

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    I just tried it on another G5 and found that I had the same problem there. So, it's not a computer, it's just a keyboard issue. I expect that I will have to replace it. Oh, and the right shift doesn't appear to be working either but it seems that the right apple, option, and controls keys do work properly.

    Edit: But of course, I'm still asking if anyone else has encountered a similiar problem and what they did (hopefully something besides buying a new keyboard).

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    i achevied a similar problem to this but it involved... me stumbling over and knocking over a nice cold beer all over the keybored...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xthisisRomancex
    i achevied a similar problem to this but it involved... me stumbling over and knocking over a nice cold beer all over the keybored...
    To my knowledge nothing unusual happened to the keyboard in my absence. Did you have to replace the keyboard or did you find another fix?

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    i had a spare keybored laying around the house...i didnt even think it would be worth it tring to fix it

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