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Thread: Slot load not ejecting

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    Slot load not ejecting
    Before I type, let me note that I am using Fedora Core 5 Linux, no Mac OSX whatsoever. Now the story is that my friend wanted me to hear some music ona CD, so he put it in the CD Drive, which is slot load. He waited and nothing came up, went to My Computer and the CD Icon wasn't there. It doesn't show up unless it finds a CD in the drive. So I pressed FN + F12/Eject and nothing happened. I rebooted, pressed that, nothing happened. Rebooted, and held down the mouse button, nothing happened. Went into OpenFirmware, typed eject cd and it said can't OPEN or EJECT device.

    Is there another way, or an emergency/force eject? When I boot up, I can hear the drive spin. I hate to think the drive is bad, because tomorrow I am supposed to order Mac OSX Tiger.

    Thanks in advance.
    - Richard

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    From an Apple support note for the iBook: "Carefully insert the end of a straightened paper clip into the emergency eject hole on the drive tray."

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    Its a slot load, not a tray load. I got the CD to eject, but now it wont eject again. Its like it only does it sometimes.
    - Richard

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