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    Waking up takes ages
    Hi there , I just replaced the origianl 40g Hd in my eMac wit a 120g one and cloned the old drives to the new one using Carbon Copy Cloner. THe process worked a treat, it effortlessly restored my system to exactly as it was before but with more HD space. The only thing that has occured is that when the computer is waking up from sleep it seems to take ages for the mouse pointer to reappear. It's kinda annoying cus im well impatient! any ideas on how to fix it?

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    I don't have any specific suggestions but have you tried any of the old standards: repair permissions, reset the PRAM or run Disk Utility?

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    yeah, tried all that. I dunno if its a thing with the new HD or somthing to do with the Carbon Copy Process or some other random factor I havent even considered...

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    What specs are the new HD?
    Back with the mac!

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    120gig 7200rpm 2mb cache. this is all i know

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