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    Wireless mouse problems

    I have an Apple Wireless (Bluetooth) mouse. Up until yesterday it was working fine for the last 2 years, however after putting in a fresh pair of batteries, it simply refuses to function. The pulsing light at the bottom is not blinking at it's normally high rate indicating that the mouse is operating. I have tried several other fresh batteries to no avail. I have checked and cleaned any dirt that might effect the connections, still no luck. So, is this a common problem with this mouse or is it perhaps time for a repalcement?

    Thanks in advance for any tips, hints or help.


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    I had a problem when I changed my batteries as well. I think it happens if you take the batteries out while the computer is still running. I basically did the reverse and waited at logon while the computer went through the process of pairing with the mouse. Now I only take the batteries out when my mac is turned off.

    Yours isn't an isolated incident as there's plenty of online talk about it if you Google it.

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