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    hard drive enclosure format
    what program do i use to format my hard drive and erase an NTFS partition (using a seagate 120gb 7200.7 drive that was yanked from my pc machine, so i dont have to buy one). i'm going to use this enclosure with it:

    and over firewire. this will be mostly for music archive, but other stuff as well.

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    Disk Utility should be able to do that just fine. OS X can read NTFS partitions, just not write to them, so you should be able to hook it up in that firewire external, plug it in, and reformat.

    Oh yeah, Disk Utility is in the Utility folder in the apps folder if you were wondering.

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    great thanks. does it make sense to get a 35 dollar macally firewire enclosure with the 120gb seagate i've been using in my pc, or should i go for a lacie 160gb firewire porsche drive for 100 bucks? decisions. decisions.

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    In my experience the firewire porsche drives are not very reliable, I would stick with the reliable drive in the enclosure, or get a higher end lacie
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    Save your money. Your drive in the new enclosure should work just fine.

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    just bought a Macally PHR-100AF for 35 with 5 bucks for 3 day shipping. firewire only, but whatever i dont need/want usb 2 transfer

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