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Thread: eMac noisy fan?

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    eMac noisy fan?

    I'm thinking about buying a second hand eMac - 1.25ghz, 1gb ram etc.

    But i've heard about some eMacs having problems with noisy fans, whereas some seem to be ok. Does anyone know if this is a problem with any specific model of the eMac?

    Also, would this mac be up to running final cut etc, as a cheap solution to a video editing machine? (until i can afford something a little newer).

    Thanks very much for any help.


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    My eMac fan was about the same volume as my G3 iMac, noticeable but not obtrusive. I've not heard whether this is a problem with specific machines but there is a hardware hack to install a speed control at: (scroll down to fan section). I have not used Final Cut but I found that my eMac (1 ghz, 768 mb RAM) seemed to take its time when running some simple projects in iMovie and iDVD. IMO you'd better off with a high-end mini, even a used one.

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    The G3 iMac is fanless isn't it?

    All I can hear on my G3 DV 400Mhz is the hard drive spinning very quietly (Seagate).

    The old 10GB Maxtor in the iMac made a huge racket though (louder than the fans of my Athlon 64 laptop!).
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    The first series G3 iMac (tray-loading CD drives) have fans, the second series G3 (slot-loading optical drives) are convection cooled without fans.

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    Convection cooled, but the back gets REALLY hot.

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