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    Question Mounting Fat32 Drive in RW
    I have a 300 GB external drive that I plug into my iMac via USB or Firewire cable. When the drive mounts it is ready only. I have no problems reading the entire contents of the drive and copying data from it.

    Can anyone tell me the files that I need to edit to get the drive to mount in read/write mode?

    Thank you

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    Are you sure it's FAT32? 300GB seems a bit too big for FAT32.
    OS X can read/write FAT32 out of the box. The drive mounts like any other external drive, and is immediately read/write accessible, no settings to change.
    NTFS can only be read, so I presume that your drive is NTFS formatted (standard WinXP/2k format).

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    When I connect my 200GB Firewire NTFS drive to my iMac, I can only read and copy, not write to it.

    FAT32 can only be for partitions under 32GB.
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