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    Where to get iMovie UB transitions?
    My wife is getting frustrated with her iMac Intel because she can't find any good UB transitions. We picked up a pack from Slick Transitions for iLife 2006, but they turned out not to be Intel-friendly (they were kind enough to reimburse us). Anyone know where I can snag some good transitions? I'd like to get something with a good variety.

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    If you are that much into video but don't want to spend to much money, but it looks like you are willing to spend some since you are looking to buy transitions. (although I don't know how much those cost) you can pick up final cut express for 200$ and that should set you up for a while, she won't out grow that any time soon, unless she is really really talented. (or takes classes) Final cut express has alot of transitions, and you can do your own effects using layers and crops, and keyframes. I highly recommend it.
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    i dont have no mac's
    final cut express doess not run onintel macs.

    with that said i do agree with PBG4 in terms that it sounds like final cut STUDIO might be right for you
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    She has no desire to learn Final Cut anything. Part of the reason I got her a Mac was for iMovie use. I'm thinking I probably should have gotten her a G5, which would have provided more compatibility with existing software. iMovie has everything she wants, but it only comes with like 7 transitions. I'm more than willing to pay for them; there just doesn't seem to be any UB transitions available

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