Hello All

I currently have a Powerbook G4 and would like to burn DVDs from Final Cut Pro.

I am not too sure whether my powerbook has a superdrive installed.

I have been told that a DVD- R is a DVD burner (not a reader) and DVD-R will only write DVD-R discs.

I bought five packard bell DVD-R discs assuming that these would work with my powerbook....but they didn't - everytime I inserted them into the drive, they ejected straight back out.

In the control specs it says that my drives are....


Please could you tell me whether my DVD-R is a burner, or do I need an external DVD burner? If I do, I would appreciate if you could point one out to me...as I am hoping to burn a DVD very soon.

Sorry if I sound confusing, but I really am confused and would just love this problem sorting out

Hope you can help

Dave (New Mac User)