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    Emac and wireless internet
    Hi, I'm looking to buy an emac for my younger sister and have one question. We have a wireless network in our house, and the only way she can get access to the internet is wirelessly in her room (there's no ethernet ports in her room) My experience is limited to iMacs and iBooks, I have no idea how emacs hook up wirelessly. Do they have internal airport cards, or slots? Basically I need to know how I can hook up an emac before I buy one.

    Thanks, this forum has always been helpful in the past.

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    Yes, eMacs were able to use AirPort cards. If the one you end up finding doesn't have one installed, they are really simple to install yourself.
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    The original (700/800 ghz) eMac used Airport cards, newer models use Airport Extreme. Look for the newer models because the Airport card is no longer available new and is rare used. Apple has a do-it-yourself page for the eMac with links for card install videos:

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