Hey guys
I really need your help on this.
I have PowerBook G4 and external hard drive from Lacie d2.
Never had any problems till yesterday.
Suddenly D2 icon dissapeared from the finder. It never happend before.
I restarted Laptop and nothing. I went to disk utility and it shows there.
i can only click 2 icons on the bottom right (verify disk and repair disk), and i did
But it keeps coming with error : The underlaying task reported failure on exit
1 HFS volume checked. Volume needs repair.
So i clicked on repair and I have the same message.
I did some research online and nothing that much i found, except some guy from the forum saying that my hard drive died and I need new one. I cant believe in that, coz this hard drive is almost new and never had problem with it.
I backed important things on it, except one presentation I was working on that day, and I need it for this Saturday
Any thoughts?