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Thread: i sight prefs? Disable auto-focus

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    i sight prefs? Disable auto-focus
    Hi all,

    Recently bought an isight for use in a video installation I am building with Pure Data. I'm looking for pointers on a number of things:

    - What res is the camera running at?
    - Is there a prefs pane for altering frame rate etc?
    - Can the auto focus/white balance be disabled?

    I know some of these settings can be tinkered with via ichat, but is there a way to make system-wide changes to the isight settings? Maybe some 3rd party software or something.

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    try searching google

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    Er...I have tried that, but thanks for the tip?!

    I could only find details out iglasses, but that only seems to add settings to specific apps, whereas I would like to make system wide settings if poss. At the moment, the question I would most like answered if anyone has an idea is what res the isight runs at?

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    There's no pref pane to set up anything about the iSight, any settings that can be changed are specific to the app that uses the iSight. There are no system-wide settings that can be set, except with iGlasses.

    Resolution is VGA (640x480) with a frame rate up to 30fps, depending on your internet bandwith...

    This information can easily be found at:

    The best place to get any hardware specs is mostly from the manufacturer. :cool:

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