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    External HD, mounting problems
    I have a new 40GB external hard drive. I am trying to get Tiger to recognise it (format it). It does not show up in Finder but does in Disk Utility but the Mount button is not lit. The only lit buttons are: New Image, Info, Eject.
    Suggestions please.

    PS: I find it interesting that in the Disk Utility Help there is not one word about installing an external Hard Drive. (Type in 'installing an external Hard Drive' and see what comes up... No pages with your search words were found

    PS 2: Interesting also that Grabber saves files in Tiff format but these are not accepted by the forum as a valid file. How about an update to Grabber so files can be saves as gif or jpeg.
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    My guess is "new image" might be what you are looking for. It says there are no partitions so maybe clicking on new image will create a new formatted partition. This will probably clear whatever information is on the hard drive, so if there is anything on it be sure to back it up. Is it already formatted or where you using it with a different computer? If so, what format was it in and what kind of computer did you use it with? I believe that FAT file systems are compatible with both Macs and PCs. Just warning you that I am only a college student, but "new image" is what I would do. Maybe wait for another responce to decide. Hope this helps.

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