Hi All,

I know that hotsynching a palm can cause duplicate entries due to various situations and I know that this is part of how Palm OS and hotsynch works to avoid data loss at all costs which is why some duplicates get created if it's not sure what to do.

Here's the situation....I was a PC user and I used to synch the Palm with 2 PCs (1 at work, the other at home). This let's me have use of the The Palm Desktop from the two places I use a computer. It also gives me a great backup process since I could lose or damage my Palm, or even my Palm and one PC and still have my data safe on the other PC. Palm's recommended way to synch between 2 or More PCs was to just make sure you set Hotsynch to have the Palm overwrite the desktop the first time you synch to a new system you haven't synched to before. After that, you just synch at all your systems. This method has worked for me for many years and I'd only get an occassional duplicate that I could check and delete the duplicate.

In Januaray this year, I got a new Intel based iMac and started synching between my then Tungsten Palm to the Mac and my PCs using the method just described. I was seeing some dupes but not too bad. My Tungsten started having problems with synching because the connector is worn out. I decided to just get a cheap replacement and went for the Z22 since I really don't need or use the fancy features or wireless of the more expensive models.

So since I transferred my data to the Z22 and started synching between my Mac and the PC, I'm getting a ton of Dupes....I read somewhere that this can happen with Palm Desktop if you synch between more than one computer. I was cleaning stuff tonight, resynched on the mac and got a clean synch with no errors...than I had to add an a new appointment which I did on the Mac, so I synched again to get it on the Palm. Suddenly for no reason, I had another dupe show up. Since I had cleaned things up and not synched between multiple machines, I'm a little concerned.

My personal opinion about the recommendation to not synch to multiple machines is pretty lame....it's been supported in the past.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or information on dealing with this. If you can offer some help, please let me know. Otherwise, there is no need to reply.