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    Beige G3 Rage 128 problems
    I recently bought a Rage 128 16mb video card for my beige g3 minitower. It has a 333 mhz processor, 384 mb ram, it used to have 6 mb of integrated video ram, but since adding the new card I removed 4 mb's. The other pci slots have a scsi card and usb card. I have both OS 9.2.2 and OS 10.2.8 installed. In OS 9 everything works perfectly. When starting up in OS X there is no video through the rage 128 until the log on screen, I hear the hard drives but other then that I would have no clue it was booting. Is this something I am going to have to live with or is there some sort of software problem? I would really appreciate any help.

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    I should have mentioned that I had ingrated video problems a year ago with the screen just going black in certain programs. I found on a website that is you move the atidriver.bundle out of the AppleNDRV folder. Everything worked perfectly after that. I tried adding that back but it still didn't work. I don't necessarily need a fix for this, I just need someone who knows if a beige g3 running os X with a pci video card should show the grey booting screen. I just want to know if its normal. Thanks again for any help.


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