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Thread: Sharing printer

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    Sharing printer
    I've got a HP deskjet connected to the Mac (USB), and the Windows PC is in the same workgroup. Network connectivity between the two is established, yet I can't seem to connect to the printer from the WXP PC. I _think_ I've followed the manual just fine...

    What am I missing this time?
    I has a signijer.

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    same here, except my laserjet is connected to our vaio and i can select it to print to that but it never goes through. have no idea why O_o

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    Couple of things to check.

    First, is your printer Mac compatible? You may need to download a Mac driver from the website.

    Secondly, I would recommend buying a print server for your printer. Put it up on the network and print from both computers through the router. That is how I have mine set up. I can print from my PowerBook and my wife's Vaio with no problems.

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