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    Installing Logitech Z-680 speakers
    I have a set of Z-680's from my PC and I just got my quad last night, theres only 1 plug for speakers, so would I need a special adapter or maybe a sound card to get them to work properly? Thanks in advance!

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    I think a similar topic was discussed a few weeks back. Here is the link...

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    Quote Originally Posted by VakeJ

    I think a similar topic was discussed a few weeks back. Here is the link...
    Yup I was looking around and found my own solution. Thanks the the topic also. The speakers sound so much better on the Mac than on my PC. I did an air static test for hissing, I turned up all the settings all the way (no music on of course, I don't want to go death) and heard the best sound ever... pure silence! No hissing, no air. I used a Magnavox optical cable and it does wonders.

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