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    Does any one have any idea, on how I can get programs onto my PPC-6700 through my power mac g5? I am not looking to sync it, just get programs onto it. I tried bluetooth to send them to it but they don't install right. Any ideas?

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    I'll bite: what's a PPC 6700? That aside, if it has an ethernet port connect the two with an ethernet cable and set up file sharing. That's assuming that the programs are compatible with the OS version on the PPC 6700. If they are not you'll be able to copy them but they won't run.

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    It runs WM5 and thats my problem I can't get programs onto it because there is no mac version of Active Sync for mac.

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    Ok, I presume that by PPC you mean PocketPC, and WM5 is Windows Mobile 5. You should provide full words, so that we know what you talk about, as PPC also means PowerPC, and former PowerMacs had designation with 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx etc so it's easy to get confused. :cool:

    What you need to sync and install software on a PocketPC with your Mac is third party software. Unfortunately, there's no other solution. The two most popular programs are and

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    Yeah, neither of those have Windows Mobile 5 Support.

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    I don't know of any program out yet that supports WM5 as of yet. Missing sync is currently working on an upgrade to add support.

    It also might be worth your while to contact both companies and see if you can get any more info about potential releases of upgrades that would allow WM5 PocketPC's (I always used the "PPC" abbreviation before coming to mac too, but as Avalon said, it can get confusing).

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