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Thread: NTFS Drive won't format!

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    NTFS Drive won't format!
    I have a fujitsu handy drive 40GB which is mac, linux and windows compatible the problem is that the hard drive has been formatted in NTFS which OSX (I'm using Tiger) will read but not write, I've tried to formatting it with disk utility to MS DOS filing system but Disk utility says it cannot mount disk or it gets stuck on pin wheel. I've tried formatting it in windows but xp wont format anything over 32GB to Fat32 its NTFS or nothing. Does anyone know a way to get round this maybe third party software for mac or windows as my Powerbook Hard drive is almost full and I need to back up my work.
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    If it was an internal drive a full version Windoze 98 SE (not upgrade cd) caan be used. Just boot from the cd and run fdisk to clear the drive then reboot from the cd and it'll format the drive in fat32 regardless of size.

    Otherwise try checking the Fijitsu site for downloadable disk tools. Most hd makers post the routines that come with the retail version.

    May have to run the routines from a PC.

    Also might try Google.


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    use one of the only pieces of software thats worth having on a PC

    Partition Magic

    Apple, think different

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