Hi everyone

I recently bought a Airport Time Capsule 3tb in USA, which i brought back to Europe. I've set it up in my apartment, but my provider has given me a combo DSL-modem/wifi-router Technicolor TG799vn v2 which i'm kind of stuck with. Other than that, i have a Seagate 2-bay business NAS connected on my network, which is set up for file-sharing using smb, afp and webdav.

I have connected my Airport Time Capsule to my Technicolor router by LAN, and i can connect through the wifi on my Airport seamlessly. The only thing that is not working very well, is "Back to my mac" which i could really use.

When trying to connect to my Mac Mini or Airport Time Capsule via "back to my mac" it doesn't always work. The Screen sharing with my mac works, and the file sharing functionality only works with my Time Capsule, not the mac mini, when i have deleted the Port triggering command that i've made for my Seagate NAS webdav file-sharing service.

How can i make the "back to my mac" service run perfectly, alongside my webdav archive on my NAS? Is it only possible if the Airport Time Capsule, so to say, acts as the NAT and DHCP-router, and how is it possible to do that, without interfering with my modem?

Hope it's not took complicated, and i really hope that you can help me!