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    Installing Avast without UNinstalling ClamXav
    I had installed ClamXav (from their download site), Onyx and Avira before I learnt of "avast!" antivirus software on this forum.

    Avira seemed efficient BUT I think its recurring, annoying, illogical, 'update' warning windows is aimed at pushing you to buy the non free Deluxe version.

    When I tried to install "avast!", a window stated "avast!" had detected Avira and said to Uninstall that non compatible software before "avast!" would install. I eventually worked out how to Uninstall Avira which was far from straightforward as no UNINSTALL facility is included.

    Having finally removed Avira ( including the component hidden in /Library/Application Support/...), I again tried to install "avast!" Again, a window saying that ClamXav had been detected and to uninstall ClamXav, before "avast!" would install.

    I find ClamXav (with the 'essential' Sentry component included) to be reassuring but Avast demands I uninstall ClamXav BEFORE Avast will install. Can I have both Avast and ClamXav installed concurrently as I am happy with the latter but know nothing of the former, please?

    Warm regards, Paul Ranger 1.

    P.S. Avast raises no compatibility issues with Onyx being installed.
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    You only need ONE antivirus if you insist on having any. They fight each other as you have found out.
    Stick with ClamX if you feel you need one.
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    Thank you kindly, Cradom.

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