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    Ipad connects to web HP doesn't
    The title says it mainly. I use free wifi to which my iPad mini connects but my HP 210-4000 PC series net book doesn't. the internet connection column graph is all white albeit with a little yellow bit of colouring on which I think is a tiny exclamation mark on it. The connection is excellent or it says so when I click on the column graph.Sometimes the HP connects to the web but often doesn't when the ipad will. Are iPads somehow more efficient for this than the HP which isn't the slickest piece of hardware around, it's pretty damn slow actually. Maybe the iOS and or SSD is more efficient than the other setup online as well as off I'm struggling here. Any ideas?

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    Could be with the WiFi chipset inside the HP showing signs of old age. Have you a USBwifi Adapter handy to try the difference in connection. Or better still see if the is a software upgrade for the HP Model.

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