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    Question Network Printing Problem

    I have my iMac and Dell PC on a wired network. I also have an HP Deskjet 5150 hooked up to the Dell. My iMac recognized the printer and everything, but there is something weird happening. Everytime i try to print something from my mac, it prints out some garbage (as shown in the attatchment) to the printer, and then decides to feed out every last blank paper. I have no clue what to do.... any advice?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I am aware of the exact problem you are having, it is very common so do not worry.

    Essentially it means you do not have a driver for the printer on the Mac, or you have installed the wrong driver.

    Have a look at this Guide which explains how to connect to a Windows Printer from a Mac.
    It is an excellent guide.

    The part you should be paying particular attention to is the drivers section.
    The driver for your printer should be listed there, but if it is not try running the printer on a few of the fairly generic drivers and see if you have any success.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks for replying!

    I've read all of it, and then downloaded the program that has all the extra printer drivers... ive tried so many combinations of dirvers.. and nothing works. Any other suggestions ?


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    Not really sure to be honest.

    Personally, I used a Deskjet 900 Series driver and it worked perfectly.
    So you could give that a try.
    Other than that, I'm really not sure what else I can suggest.

    Hope you get it fixed!

    Best of luck,

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    wow. i just tried the Deskjet 900 and it worked! thats so werid. thanks a lot man!!

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    sometimes it is best to work with another driver and it will work with the printer.. this is how it works sometimes.. the best way to get something to work is to tell it is something else..
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