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Thread: Cve-2003-0270

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    Ran a nessus scan vs my timecapsule and got this result... CVE-2003-0270. Anyone know if this is still an issue? Hoping it's just a false positive but not sure how to remediate or test for it

    thanks in advance!!

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    This is the first I've heard of this. I did some digging and will provide a couple links for your reading pleasure.

    According to this one, it apparently is very complex to take advantage of.

    Access Complexity: High (Specialized access conditions exist. It is hard to exploit and several special conditions must be satisfied to exploit)
    According to this one, a simple solution would be to block port 5009.

    It's probably worth pointing out that this vulnerability dates back to 2003. I personally very much doubt that this is worth worrying over.

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