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Thread: Western Digital (WD) My Cloud Drives

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    Western Digital (WD) My Cloud Drives
    Does anyone have any experience with the "new" WD My Cloud Devices? I've always had good luck with my WD drives however after reading some reviews the "Consumer" version of these units look like disasters waiting to happen. It seems like the reviews are better for the Pro ex2's and then they are not as good for the Pro ex4's...does anyone have any experience with these drives and give me some insight for them?

    I'm a graphic designer and would love to have a stationary hard drive (attached to my main machine at home) to keep all my files on so that I can access them anywhere to show potential clients without having to drag them to my home (no office space) or my whole laptop & drive etc with me everywhere. I use dropbox right now and that works OK to a point however I'm about to launch a new business and will need better or bigger storage capacity in the near future so I'm looking to get something that will hold me out for awhile.

    Advice/Suggestions? Other devices that might work for my application?

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    I've been wanting to try the Transporter, but haven't sprung for it yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Munchykin428 View Post
    Advice/Suggestions? Other devices that might work for my application?
    Don't forget you can also do 100% "Cloud" storage. Where you store everything on the "Cloud" hardware required...and thus access your files anywhere. Of course you have to pay a monthly fee...depending on the storage level.

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    Thanks for the suggestion bobtomay, I'll look into the Transporter and see what I can figure out.

    Nick - I've thought about that as well however I will need a bigger back up for my main Mac which I was hoping this might be able to do "double duty" per say. I might just wait it out to see if there are any more reviews / updates in the next few months to see what is available.

    Thank you both!

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