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    I have just bought a PSP. I have noticed that I can wirelessly access the Internet on it through a computer.

    I have my Mac connected to the Internet through an ethernet connection. I can set up the PSP so that it has an SSDI and all the other settings are to automatic. When I try to test the connection it says,

    "A connection error has occurred. A connection could not be established. Check the security settings for the network and try again"."

    I have looked at the Sharing settings on my Mac and have ticked the Personal Web Sharing box.

    Any ideas what could be going wrong?

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    I used to own a PSP and it has 802.11g in it, which means it has a wireless WiFi card. You need a wireless router to be able to connect to the internet. Although it's a cool feature, it's not really practical, as you type like you're texting some one on a cell phone.

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    You need to turn on airport and then under sharing select
    'Share this (ehternet) internet connection using' (tick the airport box).

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