Help! I'm from St. Louis, and I'm spending a month in San Diego. I brought my MacBookPro (OS X 10.9.2) and two printers: a Brother MFC-7860 and Brother HL-4040cdn. When I arrived, I plugged in my printer, connected to my laptop with a cord, and it printed fine. It also scanned fine.

Randomly, my computer stopped recognizing the Brother MFC-7860. It says "the printer is not connected" or "the printer is offline"... When it's physically connected via cord! I tried restarting the computer and printer, to no avail. I also tried printing from the second printer (Brother HL-4040cdn) - and the laptop didn't recognize the printer. I again tried restarting both machines. Didn't work. I tried re-downloading the driver for Brother MFC-7860. Didn't help. I eventually deleted ALL the printers from the System Preferences. Still didn't help. What should I do? There's no way my TWO separate printers just spontaneous stopped working! The Brother MFC-7860 was literally working one minute, and then wouldn't connect the next. And since then, I can't print or scan.