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    Question Netgear SC101 Storage Central
    Anyone got one of these?

    Just wondering if they are worth the money, they seem good but not sure about the software installation you need, i would rather just have something that i can plug in and works...

    Can anyone give me a mini review or just your views?



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    We've been using one at work for a while and the speed of the
    unit even for a lan storage device seems to be quite slow when
    compared to some of the other things we use. Also it requires
    you to use a non-standard file system (name escapes me currently)
    so it is not possible to drop hdd's in and out of it without the need
    for formatting them. Also as far as i understand you need to install
    the supplied software on every machine that you want to use to access
    it. On the other hand it does have some nice features its really easy to
    setup with the supplied software (despite afformentioned annoyance of needing it on each machien) and the built in mirror function is really useful if its being used in
    the context of a backup device. I am unsure what mac support is like
    as I have only had experienced setting it up in a pc enviroment.

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