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    Recommend Third Party Mouse for Mac
    My Razer Deathadder finally blew a gasket and the scroll wheel is slipping, as so many start to do. I never should have cleaned it, because I think the goo in the wheel was helping the friction drive. Now that it is dead, I want to buy a new third party mouse, because in my opinion Apple mice suck. The problem here has always been third party support with their drivers as Apple updates the OS. Logitech has been particularly notorious for this. My Death Adder has worked very well till now, but I hear that it is hit or miss with Razer mice if you get a good one or not due to quality issues.

    Therefore, I was wondering if someone could make a recommendation for a durable third party mouse with full Mac driver support. I prefer wired mice to wireless, and I want to have 6 button functionality (eg. click, menu, scroll wheel, scroll click, and forward and back buttons). I am thinking I can go back to Razer, as I never had a problem for three years til now, and their driver support is good, unlike Logitech.

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    If my Diamondback ever went bad I would go with Logitech. Razor doesn't have one I like at the moment and don't need a full blown gaming mouse. (of course that could change)
    As far as drivers, I rely on USBOverdrive for whatever mouse I use. I HATE Logitech's software and Razor's for the Diamondback is very outdated (as in none).
    There's nothing wrong with my Magic Mouse except the fact it's way too small for my hand.
    I've never had a problem with Apple mice.
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    I don't know why I was so worried. Probably, because of a lot of false reports. I just picked up a new Razer Deathadder 2013 model for my iMac. It works great. I first uninstalled my old driver for my old Deathadder. I then downloaded the new Synapse 2.0 software from Razer and installed it. I then set macros for the 3rd and fourth buttons, and set the middle mouse click to be realtime sensitivity, and everything is good. If this thing lasts as long as my last Deathadder (eg. 7.5 years) I will be more than happy with it. Beware of buying Deathadders on Amazon as some of the stores on Amazon are in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Most likely these will end up being counterfeit hardware. I almost made that mistake, and decided to go down to my local Best Buy to pick one up. I may have payed 8 dollars more, but knowing that it is the real deal is more than worth the extra money.

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