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    Cannot access phpMyAdmin website with regular browsers, but with Tor
    Hi all,
    I'm having a weird problem:

    My os is MacOsX 10.8.5.

    What I try to do is to go to phpMyAdmin website and download the latest version.
    The problem is that the phpMyAdmin website won't load with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
    By that I mean that I tried all those browsers, trying to open the phpMyAdmin home page url:
    and it would display the url in the browser, saying that it's waiting for data from,
    but it will never end, and the screen is blank meanwhile.
    I only have this behaviour with php my admin. All other websites load just fine.

    My first thought was: "Ha, php my admin website is down".
    So I waited one day and started again: same results.
    Then I thought: "A big website like php my admin can hardly be down more than 24 hours".
    So I tried Tor browser, and it happens that Tor doesn't have any problem at all:
    I could open the url, and download php my admin without any problem.

    Do you know what the problem could be ?

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    I just tried it with Safari and the web site loaded immediately. No idea why you had problems with those browsers you mentioned.

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