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Jonzjob 03-31-2014 08:31 AM

Transfering phone contacts?
I have just taken the plunge and bought my 1st smart phone, a Motorola Moto G, and I am trying to find out if there is an application that I can use to transfere my contacts off my old Nokia C2-05 slide phone to it? So far I haven't been able to find anything but the dreaded Microsaft jobbies.

Any ideas please folks?

Raz0rEdge 03-31-2014 10:23 AM

Take it to your carrier's local store and have them transfer it for you, it'll be fast and they'll even teach you how to use your Moto G as well..

Jonzjob 03-31-2014 11:50 AM

I bought it from O:) O:) so not much chance there I suppose?

Don't forget that I am in France and although they are good at selling they are not the World leaders at service. In fact the word 'merde' comes to mind along with their level of service.

So far I haven't even managed to find out where the contacts folder is on it yet? If I could find it then perhaps, just perhaps, I could dump it to the MBP and play from there?

Raz0rEdge 03-31-2014 11:54 AM

Well that's fine, which carrier are you using in France? If it's the same carrier you used your old phone on, then they can do the transfer for you..

Otherwise, you might want to visit a forum that talks about the Moto G to get ideas of how you transfer the data.

Jonzjob 03-31-2014 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge (Post 1575449)
Well that's fine, which carrier are you using in France? If it's the same carrier you used your old phone on, then they can do the transfer for you..

Otherwise, you might want to visit a forum that talks about the Moto G to get ideas of how you transfer the data.

Thank you for the quick reply.

The Nokia is on and the Moto will be on I am waiting for the sim from Free at the moment.

I have joined an Android forum and have asked the question, but as yet have only had replies about Mirosoft solutions.

chscag 03-31-2014 12:37 PM

Most phones (dumb and smart) should be able to export contacts using the Vcard.vcf contact format. (Your carrier may have to do it.) The file can then be imported to your contacts app on the Mac where it will then sync with your phone via the cloud. That's how I transferred all my phone contacts from a Samsung dumb phone to my iPhone 5c.

Jonzjob 03-31-2014 05:21 PM

I made a mistake above. My phone is on the French L'eclercMobile system and if you were to ask any of that lot for anything beyond how much is a new case for it they would not have a clue?

L'eclerc is a large supermarket chain and they are mostly franchises :Confused:

I can feel a l o n g session of keying in contacts?

Thinks? Can you link an Apple bluetooth keyboard to a smartass phone?

I have had what may? be one of my bright ideas???

The Moto G has a micro simm, the Nokia has a standard simm. What would be the possibility of fitting the micro simm into the Nokia and holding it in place with masking tape, doing a copy of the contacts to it and then putting it into the Moto G?? First, I would have to make sure that the contacts were on the Nokia memory, not the simm. If necessary I can make a frame from an old credit card for the micro jobbie?


cradom 03-31-2014 07:47 PM

Do both phones have a micro SD card slot? That would be the easiest way.

Jonzjob 04-01-2014 02:45 AM

No, no SD slot on either? Both cheepies. They are seldom used so can't afford the expensive stuff. That's why I thought it may be possible to do the simm trick?

Jonzjob 04-19-2014 05:24 PM

Sorry for the delay folks. Due to family visits, colds and general confusion!

The phone now has a simm and I got the phone numbers transfered by putting the new simm into the old phone and copying them onto it. Then put the new simm into the new phone and copying the contacts into the new phone memory. Dead easy in the end.

I still can't get my MacBook to recognise that the Motorola Moto G is connected by USB to it? And any ideas of how would be greatly appreciated. I want to transfere some photos and possibly some music too?

cradom 04-19-2014 05:27 PM

I've had that problem with every Motorola I've ever had, including the one I have now (Defy). Good luck.
And no joy with the Motorola software/drivers either.

chas_m 04-20-2014 11:03 PM

This thread illustrates perfectly why I:

1. NEVER EVER buy phones from franchisees -- they don't give a, erm, "hit" about customers.

2. NEVER try to interface non-premium smartphones with computers ... nothing but grief ...

Jonzjob 04-21-2014 05:37 AM

Unfortunately I can't afford several hundred for a 'premiun smart phone' nor can I warrant that cost. The amount we use a mobile is minimal and after seeing my sister, 72 years old, wandering around some of our lovely countryside for the first time and her head buried in her ''premiun smart phone' making sure that she doesn't miss anything on her farsebook pages that is the way I will keep it.

I think that the only reason I went away from a phone that does what it says on the box "makes phone calls" is so that we can keep an eye on our home alarm while we are away. A very sad reason, but the way of the world I suppose?

I thank everyone who has helped me with this problem :Mischievous::Mischievous:

BakeAlonzo 04-26-2014 02:42 AM

googling it and you will find many ways to do that!

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