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john42gd 03-29-2014 02:21 PM

WD My Pasport for Mac
I have a 2TB Passport for Mac which I used with my MacBook Pro 15" and I could read/write to it no problem. I then used it on my 27" iMac and again I could read/write to it. But, when I then used it on my MacBook again the permissions had mysteriously changed to read only.

When I use disk utility it tells me that Write Status is Read/Write and S.M..A.R.T. Status - Not Supported.
When I go to the sub folder JD 2TB1 the following is the information.
Mount Point : /Volumes/JD 2TB1 Capacity : 2 TB (2,000,362,143,744 Bytes)
Format : Windows NT File System (NTFS) Available : 10.08 GB (10,077,528,064 Bytes)
Owners Enabled : No Used : 1.99 TB (1,990,284,611,584 Bytes)
Number of Folders : 0 Number of Files : 156,156

This was a My Passport for Mac bought at the Apple Store in Aberdeen. I have not done anything to change the format. I have only been copying and pasting to the drive.

Anyone know the answer?

chscag 03-29-2014 02:32 PM


Format : Windows NT File System (NTFS) Available : 10.08 GB (10,077,528,064 Bytes)
This is the small partition that WD includes with their drives and is to be used with their special software. You don't need the partition nor the software.

Attach the drive to your Mac, open Disk Utility, click on the partition tab, remove the 10 GB NTFS partition (highlight the partition and press the minus button and press apply). Next, erase and re-format the entire drive as Mac OS Extended Journaled (HFS+).

Note: If you have any data on that drive you wish to keep, copy it off to somewhere else before formatting or removing the NTFS partition.

john42gd 03-29-2014 02:42 PM

WD Passport for Mac
Many thanks for the info. I am now a little better educated.

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