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Thread: "Best" Monitor in the $1000 range?

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    "Best" Monitor in the $1000 range?
    Ladies and Gents,

    Looking for monitor advice.

    Recently attempted to connect a Dell UP3214Q UHD monitor to a MacPro 5,1 w/NVIDIA QuadroK5000 - no problems! Monitor drives just fine, BUT only at 30Hz, which works, but should do 60Hz. Might have been able to live with it but....

    When attempting to change resolutions, the monitor dies. Had to hook up a second old VGA monitor to manipulate the Dell back into the 4K resolution! LAME.

    Sleeping - won't wake back up. O.K., I'd read about this. I could maybe get around that, but not being able to change res. on the fly is a no-go.Too bad, the 4K is truly magnificent otherwise.

    Had thought about going with the ASUS that uses the same IGZO panel inside the Dell, and apparently it WILL run 60Hz in MST mode that the Dell apparently lacks. Anybody try one of these on a NOT 2013 MacPro?

    Anyway, the $$$$ powers-that-be have decided to forget the whole 4K route and go with tried and true since Dell is accepting the monitor for a full refund. We do have a few of the Apple 27" displays around, and we find them to be quite nice really -

    but looking for any other recommendations on a $1000.00 range monitor that compares to or exceeds the Apple 27". Love to hear your recommendations!!

    Thanks all.

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    If you got a $1000 budget...the 27" Apple Thunderbolt monitor seems a great choice to me. It has some nice convenience features. Such as

    - built-in speakers
    - if you use it with Apple laptops...they can get their power directly from the monitor (no external laptop power supply...MagSafe...needed).
    - built-in camera & microphone

    You can get a 27" Dell monitor (same resolution) that I think uses the same IPS display panel...and costs less ($700-$800)...but you do lose some of the convenience features of the Apple display.

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