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    iPhone playlists will not sync to itunes on mac
    Hi everybody,

    Can anyone help me with this...?
    I am unable to sync my playlists that I created on my iphone to itunes on my mac air. However, playlists created on itunes in my mac air they will sync to my iphone. Once my playlists are synced from my mac to iphone (over wi-fi and wired) I can edit them on my iphone and when sync again the changes will appear in itunes on my mac air. The problem is that when I create a playlist or edit something in my iPhone and sync to itunes, those changes will not apply (unless that playlist was first created on itunes) and consequently will not appear on my itunes library. Help anyone?

    Here are my specs...!

    iTunes11.1.5 (5)

    Mac Air
    11 in. Mid 2011
    OS X 10.9.2

    iPhone 5
    iOS 7.1
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    If I'm understanding your post correctly, you would like to sync playlists and perhaps music in general that you have on your iPhone to your Mac, but that are not already on the Mac?

    iTunes will only sync from your Mac to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, but not the other way around. In other words, music and playlists that are on your iPhone that do not exist on your Mac will not sync back to the Mac. There is third party software that can accomplish that. There are also many discussion threads in the Apple Community Forums which give various methods of transfer from iPhone to Mac. Here's just one.

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    Jul 29, 2012
    MacBook Air - Mid 2011 - 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 - 2 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 - OSX 10.8
    Thanks chscag...!

    If there are third party software that can accomplish transferring from iOS devices to macs or iTunes then it would not be a bad idea to implement this feature on iOS 8 perhaps...!? Once again thanks for ur answer and I will check the links you posted...!

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