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    Post recovering data from Timecapsule
    Im trying to access files from my time capsule after my macbook has been stolen.
    Idont want to recover all of it cause i wanted to get a "fresh start" with this new macbook.
    is there any way to access files and programs from a timecapsule-backup file without making the new macbook a copy of the old one?

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    The files that you want to access are stored inside a large single file on the Time Capsule. It is called a sparse bundle file and probably has the name of your old computer. You could double click that file and open the induing series of folders but it's probably easier to use these directions. Read the section on restoring files and folders. The rest covers restoration of the entire drive but that's not necessary for what you want to do.

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    Thank you Slydude!
    The problem is that my backups from the old macbook don't show up when i connect the time capsule to the new one since i didn't make the new one to a copy of the old.
    When i open the file on the time capsule manually it says that I'm not authorized to open it.

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    This is the correct way to restore files from a time machine backup.
    1) Don't use the finder to fiddle around in TM backups as you will destroy the TM database.
    2) Ensure your icon is on the dock
    3) Right click on the TM icon on the dock and select " Browse Other Time Machine Disks "
    4) Select the disk that contains the TM backup you want
    5) Use the to restore files
    6) Do 3 & 4 again to select the correct TM disk.

    Cheers ... McBie
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