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    Time machine
    How to use time machine and will it restore my mg 8220 canon printer which has some how become unrecognized by my computer using OS X 10.9.2.
    My computer says the printer is off line, but it is attached by a USB cord.

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    Hello - are you currently using Time Machine (TM) and why do you feel a need for restoration of a printer that is currently not working w/ your computer? Please provide some more information: 1) What is the model/year of your computer; 2) Did this problem start after an OS and/or other software update; and 3) What have you done to try to correct the situation?

    Just some 'starter' suggestions - power recycle the printer (pull the plug, wait a little while, and replug) and test - goto System Preferences > Printers & Scanners (delete the printer & reinstall) - visit the Canon Website for suggestions, e.g. firmware upgrades, troubleshooting steps, etc. Good luck and I'm sure others will 'jump in' to help - doubt that you really need to use TM @ the moment before trying more 'printer specific' steps. Dave

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    Mar 26, 2012
    canon MG 8220 wireless printer not being on line
    I am using a Mac lap top Model 1260, 2008. My problem started after and os upgrade. I have tried rebooting both my canon MG8220 and my laptop as well as the router. I was curious if restoring would get the printer back on line.I have tried deleting my computer from the systems window, but this did not help. Then I had trouble getting the computer to accept the printer. I am not very knowledgeable with computers, and since getting my Mac I have not had much trouble. I am trying to set it up wirelessly.
    Bob Morgan

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    Did you run a software update on the Mac with the printer connected via USB and turned on?
    if so it should have gathered the updated drivers.
    Have you tried re-plugging the printer in USB while printer is on and Mac is on?

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    Thanks it is now printing. I went to the Canon web site you suggested and it solved my problem.
    Thanks again

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