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lol, I was in a chat room the other day on IRC and then I took a screen shot of the chat and such and then uploaded it to my webserver then gave everyone a link, they all fell in love with it a lot of the people were like "Why does yours look different? I love the way that looks"

They were surprised it was a Mac and then 2 of the users there were giving me the quotes they got for their Macs that they were building on Apple's site and giving links. I think one of them were seriously thinking of switching, just from a screen shot. OS X looks so much nicer than XP or other Windows.

Anyways, that was way off topic.

Yea.. I agree.. It's kinda unique compared to the millions of PC/laptop's using Windows which people do get tired of.
I agree that PC laptops are really power hungry. But I don't mind gettin spare batt. for my laptop. @ least I won't experience lag. Well. I guess it depends on what the user expects from a laptop. If he is an intense gamer.. I guess PC laptops or Higher end G4 powerbooks will be better off. Otherwise.. G3 ain tat bad. Another Q for you guys, you know the option to change desktop backgrounds rite? I noticed that it interferes with games which I play. Reg. whether they r in full mode or normal. They kinda lag the game. I wonder if those intense gamers experience it on their desktop G3's or G4 laptop/desktop. I wonder if it is the software error or processor... Thanks..