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    Time Capsule Wireless Connection to Existing Network?
    Hi everyone!

    I am looking to get a Time Capsule in my office at my university. I am hoping to be able to connect my laptop to the Time Capsule and have an internet connection through the university's network and do a TC backup at the same time. Does anyone know if there is a TC version that would allow me to do this? My idea was to have the TC connect to the network as either a client or router and then either rebroadcast the signal or setup a wirless network with a new SSID. Unfortunately are no wired connections in my office. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Well, the last time I was at a uni - wifi didn't even exist. But, from what I've heard...

    You'll need to talk to your uni's IT department.
    Apparently, a great many of them don't permit individual's connecting router's to the uni's network.

    Having said that, any TC will connect via wifi to an existing network, can be put into bridge mode and either extend the existing or set up a new network (which I do at home - only I use a wired connection to the modem).

    However, and likely one of many reasons most uni's don't permit folks setting up routers on their network, the drive in that TC will be seen by everyone that is logged into the uni's network. You'd just be tempting some youngster to attempt cracking the password on the TC, just to see what they could see.

    So, if you're in the habit of carrying your notebook home everyday, I'd set the TC up at the house. If not, just get an external WD Passport (they're small and being sold cheap just about everywhere) and plug it in while you're at the office.
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