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    Connecting Apple TV to Bose Lifestyle
    Have a new Apple TV. Trying to connect to 40" screen. Direct connect only gets video, no audio. Not sure of the connections to the Bose Lifestyle system. Here are some specs:

    Bose v20 lifestyle system 5 speaker
    TV is HD Samsung 40". TV itself has 4 HDMI connections
    Cable is Verizon fios
    Blue Ray Panasonic connects to the DVD port on the Bose receiver
    Standard DVD region2 connected to the VCR port on the Bose receiver

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    Hello & welcome to the forum! You really need to provide a lot more information: 1) What brand/model HDTV (my assumption) do you own?; 2) Are you using an HDMI cable between the Apple TV & your HDTV (this should provide video & sound); 3) What Bose model are you using?; and 4) How is your Bose audio integrated in your setup? Might help others to better respond. Dave

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    The Bose does not have enough HDMI connections to handle everything correctly if I read the documentation correctly. There might be a better way but I would probably use an HDMI switch such as this one. The DVD player could remain plugged in directly to the Bose. The Cable box and Apple TV are fed to inputs on the switch with the output from the switch fed to the other HDMI connection on the Bose.

    Might be worth a call to these folks to see if you need a powered or unpowered switch,
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    "Assuming" you mean direct connect to the TV...

    1. My first guess is that you have the audio on the TV turned all the way down since all the devices you watch are run through the Bose.
    You may even have it turned off in the TV settings. (I've had the audio turned off on every TV I've owned for well over 20 years.)
    You'll need to turn it back on in the TV settings and adjust the volume.

    2. If the above doesn't work - On the ATV, head into Settings - Audio & Video

    Try changing the settings in both Dolby Digital and Audio Output.
    Try Auto on both of them first.
    Then try turning DD off
    Then try setting Audio Output to 16 bit


    As for getting the audio to the Bose...

    1. You could use a HDMI switch as linked to by Sly above.
    In this case, I would put the Blu-Ray and the ATV on the switch and leave the FIOS where it is, connecting the switch to the DVD input on the Bose.

    2. Keep the ATV connected direct to the TV via HDMI and connect an optical cable to the AUX port on the Bose.
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