Hi Guys,
I am currently working on a programming/DIY project, and have recently hit a wall. Due to the fact that my Macbook Air is not equipped with Ethernet (and in my case, only one usb port), I have been forced to use a USB hub and an USB to Ethernet adapter. Unfortunatly, as I am trying to set up a remote telnet server on my board, I have to include where to push it to. As this is unclear, I have included the arduino code below:
void setup() {
system("telnetd -l /bin/sh");
system("ifconfig eth0 netmask up");
(The underlined part is the ip of the adapter.) The bold part is what I'm referencing to. However, my computer does not have an ethernet card, which means that this code is referencing to something that does't exist. I want it to be configured so that the code refernces to the adapter, not to my computer's nonexistent ethernet card. If somebody could tell me what I should use instead, that would be awesome.

Thanks Guys!