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    Centurylink Modem suggestions for iMac
    Have an Actiontec GT701D modem that has been working pretty well for 3 or 4 yrs. Thinking about upgrading to another Centurylink DSL modem as they have upped my Mbps from 3 to 8mbps. Have to reset my current modem periodically. Is there a better modem to use to get the higher download speeds. They're telling me i'am getting 8 mbps but all i've ever tested out on my end was about 5 mbps. Oh yea, running a 6 year iMac OS 10.7.5, also have airport extreme routers.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Your older iMac may be the main throttling to your connection speeds as some 2006 iMacs have an 802.11g Airport Extreme card. For what it is worth find about three years is the maximum life expectancy of a modem router. Don't know about Actiontec's but find a TP Link W8980 handles my rural Australian 8mbps broadband very well.
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    You might want to give their website a look. Some providers have a list of recommended devices. It usually doesn't mean that you're forced to use those devices but it makes things easier should you ever need tech support. Many providers don't seem to understand Macs much less understanding equipment they didn't provide.

    Did a little poking around their site. One page breaks a series of modems into those they provide support for as well as some that work but not officially supported. I could not tell how old that list was. Try this page instead. Enter you ZIP Code and it should show you which models work in your area.
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