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    Cant access files on external hard drive.
    Hello everyone,

    I had about 150GB of data on and external hard drive that I was using with my mac, yesterday i connected it to my pc to do a bit of tidying up on it. When I connected back the hard drive to my Mac, I cant none of the data that was previously on it. I did a get info and it still shows that I have about 150Gb of info on it. The thing is I cant read any of the info. Atm, all i can see is 4 files on of them is MSPROTECT and the other is RECYCLER.

    Does anyone know how I can get my mac to read all the data thats on the external hard drive again?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Wild guess kinda thing .... I'm assuming the ext drive is Windows fornat or you wouldn't have been able to load onto the PC.

    Hook it back up to the PC

    Copy all the files to a folder on the PC

    Reformat - full format - the external drive

    Check the protection on the files

    Copy them back to the external drive

    Or - maybe easier - just network the PC to the Mac and transfer the files to the ext hd hooked to the Mac.

    But the first way should be faster.

    I'm a noob but remember someone mentioning something like this happened to them and it took both a re-format and checking file protection to fix the problem.

    Hope this helps. At least you'll have a copy of your files on the PC to try some other method.


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