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    Jan 29, 2012
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    MBA HTC bluetooth transfer
    Photos transferred successfully via Bluetooth BUT music files don't. MBA sees the HTC Desire but HTC reports "Paired but not connected".
    Have done all the usual steps (why is 'discoverable' time-limited on the HTC?)

    Trying to send a file, a very *brief HTC message says "You must accept..." but how to 'accept'?
    * less than 0.5 sec!!

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    1. What OS do you have?
    2. As you know, Apple is kind of butthole, because they are trying to keep you at distance from Android and sometimes Windows. You should have that in mind.

    If you have an earlier OS version, upgrade it to OS X Mavericks and try again.

    Good Luck ! / Guten Rutsch !

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