Here is the gist: my boss has a macbook pro with retina. He likes to transport it from home to the office and back everyday so he wanted a docking solution. He did some research and settled on the DS1, basically, he wants to be able to unplug one cord everyday vs. 5.

His setup includes two Samsung S24C570HL monitors with VGA connections, they can also be hooked up to HDMI. He opted for the DS1 with DVI monitor connection because he wasn't worried about it being HD. However, we have been having a hard time finding the right adaptors to get the two monitors plugged into the DS1's one DVI-D, port. I keep coming up with VGA to DVI-I splitters, never DVI-D.

Everything is returnable as far as the DS1 & connections go.

My question, finally, is what would be the best way to get everything connected?

Should we stick with the DS1 with DVI-D or swap it out for HDMI? If so what converter would I use to get the two VGA monitors plugged in? Should I switch them to HDMI?

This has gotten pretty confusing, I am pretty technically inclined but having a hard time sorting out the best way to get these two monitors hooked up to the DS1.

All help would be greatly appreciated! I'll include links to what we have: Samsung S24C570HL 23.6-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor: Computers & Accessories Matrox Docking Station for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (DS1/DVI): Electronics