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    Cant Read 3rd Party DVD Burner

    I am running OSX 10.4.4 on a Powerbook G4.

    I bought a generic eternal DVD burner on eBay (yes, I know) and I can not get Toast to acknowlege that it is there. It does not even mount CDs or DVDs that I put in the tray.

    However, if I look at the system profile under USB, "USB 2.0 Storage Device" is listed, so the device is being registered by the computer.

    I have connected the DVD burner to two other machines with the same result. Do any of you have any advice on how to troubleshoot this or did I get screwed by the seller?

    I would appreciate any advice on what to do or where to look to solve this.

    Thank you!


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    What brand of burner is it? Go here to help with compatibility.

    I'm using an external with Toast 7 and there's no problems.

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