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    mac Time Capsule (usb connect, skip wifi connect?)
    So I bought my first Time Capsule but it looks like it wants me to use it to replace my router. The problem is I share a network with other computer both PC and Mac. I don't want to mess up their connection or make them reconfigure their connection on their computers.

    So is there anyway to get around this? I bought a usb cable hoping I could just transfer files on a hardwire, but it still wants me to setup the Time Capsule with my network.

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    You can't transfer files onto the Time Capsule using the USB port. It's designed to attach hard drives and printers so they can be used by other computers on the network.

    You can get around this problem relatively easily. The Time Capsule can join a network without being the router. Give these steps a try. Iif I an not mistaken you will need the password and security type (WPA, WPA2, etc) for the network you want the Time Capsule to join.

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